Rivers and roots

Recently my husband came home from a retreat, he was fired up and beautiful! He was ready to take the helm and be the spiritual leader of our home . Initially I said , yes, thank you Lord ! But I started to think , where does this leave me , what’s my role ?  I lamented , and I asked the lord . And I feel like I have a pretty clear answer. So let’s dive in . Truth- my husband is the spiritual leader , and I am to lean on him , he is strong and steadfast . I have no doubts about him. It’s me that I find a little squirrelly:) I love when the lord gives me clear answers and today he did . Maybe this is for you too , answers to questions you haven’t even spoken out loud . So here goes , I am the roots and the river. I plant seeds , I till the ground , I cultivate relationships and compromise. I am the river flowing with compassion and yet raging against the stones of time. I am the keeper of many tales of scandalous grace , mine and my children’s . I speak to them on a regular basis of the mysteries of mercy. So I will continue on doing my part, navigating but not alone . I am so thankful for the strong tower that my husband is . Whether he knows it or not , he made all of my giving , my loving , my growing … possible . 


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